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Have ever wondered who you really are? Well, lately I have been going through psychology stuff and a thought hit me, “Why don’t you share the little knowledge?”

In every human being, there is some unique combination of personalities. I have come across four types known as the director, the socializer, the thinker, and the supporter. These four are easily termed using the first four alphabets, A,B,C,D respectively. Once you get to understand how people are, it enhances interpersonal relationships, thus team building. So, let us find out what these types are


This type likes to be in-charge of the environment they are in and their lives. It should be noted that they choose to delegate details to others since they are not detail-oriented. They have goals set and are quite practical in their solutions. They are determined to achieve the goals. Biblical character; Paul

Type A strengths

Embrace change, take charge, entrepreneurial, direct management style, ambitious, passionate, work well independently, dominant, demands maximum freedom, multitasking, highly competitive, good administration skills, good delegation skills, fast-paced.

Type A weaknesses

Stubborn, workaholic, insensitive, impatient, abrupt, tough, domineering, ill-tempered

Motivations of Type A personality

Challenges, independence, opportunity, success, leadership, urgency, money

Jobs that attract Type A personality

President/CEO, sales manager, police/military, politician, proprietor, entrepreneur, executive

Type B PERSONALITY (The Socializer)

As the name suggests, this one is very outgoing, energetic, and fast-paced individual who likes to be with people and being the centre of attention. Such individuals are good at building friendships. What mainly motivates them is the sense of approval. That is, they try to like everyone with the hopes of being liked back. Biblical character; Peter

Type B strengths

Fun-loving, enthusiasm, easily liked by people, charismatic, friendliness, persuasiveness, self-confident, spontaneous, light-hearted, motivator, ideal person, dreamer, people-oriented, faster-paced.

Type B weaknesses

Too self-involved, impatient, easily bored, sometimes unrealistic, arrogant/cocky, troubled being alone, prone to sweeping generalizations, short-attention span, impulsive, procrastination, may try to do much at once.

Motivations of Type B personality

Public recognition, awards, acceptance, taking photos with celebrities, the latest trends, being the centre of attention, succeeding

Jobs that attract Type B personality

Public relations, events planner, customer service, politician, entertainment, salesperson, personnel interviewer, professional host (-ess)

Type C PERSONALITY (The Thinker)

This one is detail-oriented and likes to be in things that are controlled and stable. Accuracy, logic and rationality are areas of interest. Individuals believe that being emotional makes objectivity very difficult or even impossible. They dislike being around hyped-up people since they desire logic, accuracy and rationality. As a result, people’s emotions is a non-priority to them. Biblical character; Moses

Type C personality strengths

Accuracy, dependable, plays by the rules, imaginative, creative, independent, critical thinker, organized, analytical, intelligent, quality control, follow-through, thoughtful

Type C personality weaknesses

Worrisome on progress, sceptical (disbelieving), detached behaviour, can appear anti-social, critical behaviour, likes to do thing their own was, may never have personal expectations met

Motivations of Type C personality

Problem-solving, control, challenges, opportunities to be independent and analytical

Jobs that attract Type C personality

Game designer, programmer, data analyst, engineer, technical support, trouble-shooter, critic, detective, research scientist, pilot, actuary, innovator, musician, artist

Type D PERSONALITY (The Supporter)

Individuals with this personality take things slower in their life. They seek security and longevity on the job and are very happy doing a routine work. Routine helps them develop their skills. What they fear the most is changing of rules/ loss of routine. For them, even though the current situation may be bad, the unknown may be worse. Biblical character; Abraham

Type D personality strengths

Compassionate, look approachable, low-key, sincere, dependable, consistent, observant, calm, fair, stable, unimposing, self-confident, less mood swings, trusting, good at routines

Type D personality weaknesses

Shy, do not speak up, easily used by others, gets hurt feelings, less assertive, going along when they don’t agree, going along to avoid confrontation, uncomfortable with constant change

Motivations of Type D personality

Routine, low risk, security, stability, calm work atmosphere, benefits, group activities

Jobs that attract Type D personality

Counsellor, minister, teacher, HR manager, administrator, librarian, customer service representative, personal assistant, secretary, insurance agent, minister, supervisor, social worker, family doctor, mechanic, minister, assembly line worker

What if you bear two or more of the four personalities?


When an individual bear two or more of the personality types that are equal in strength, then they are said to be Type X personality.

Type X personality traits

It’s usual to find an intersection of two or more of the personality types. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to include the primary/ strongest personality. If it has the primary personality, then the individual may have a tendency to portray one personality in a certain situation and a different type in another situation.

In the situation where are the four types are equal in strength (very rare), then the individual in question may be like a chameleon of personalities. The advantage of having Type X personality is that one can change personality coloration depending on the need at hand. It is important especially in situations where an individual needs to get along with many people.

After doing a soul search, where may you be belonging? More to come…

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